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Jockstrap Catapult is not your typical triathlon club. We strive to incorporate the highest level of competition among our members while still focusing on social bonds and a priority of giving back to the community around us.  Most importantly, we have a damn good time wherever we are.....


What is JSC?

JSC is a triathlon team for those wanting to be part of something bigger than their own personal records, their own training schedule and workouts.  JSC is whatever you want it to be - we lean on our members to help us define the future of the organization.  What do you want JSC to be?  What causes do you want to support in our community?  What races do you want to support?  As a valued JSC athlete we want to know.  

JSC was built to be an open market and an environment where the members dictate what they want from the club and what they want it to look like in the future.  So this is a tough question to really answer - we are not sure that we fully know what exactly JSC is yet - but we do know it has been an epic journey so far and we look forward to pushing forward for years to come!

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift
— Steve Prefontaine, Original Gangster

Why jockstrap catapult?

If you are looking for an endurance sports team that is about teamwork and your community, then JSC might be just what you were looking for:

  • We like to have a good time! Save your kale diet and no beer policy for another day - we train hard, race hard and play hard.

  • We offer weekly workouts and partnerships to bring out the best in you while not requiring you to commit to any coaching service or even being coached at all. JSC is a social group, not a coaching service. But don't worry, we are well connected to numerous coaching outfits that we highly recommend if you are interested in coaching:

    • Johnny Z's Powerhouse Racing

    • Matt Hanson Coaching

    • Right Minded Coaching

    • MACH 5 Racing