Giving Back is core to JSCWW's Mission

JSCWW was founded on the three C's - Competition, Camaraderie and most importantly to us - Community.  JSC and SBS are an endurance sports club for athletes who are interested in more than their own personal best performances and their own training schedules - JSC is about not only improving as an athlete, but improving as a person and a contributor to the community around us.  Below is a look at some of the community movements that JSC is directly tied to and involved with throughout the year.

CATAPULT is a 501c3 non-profit entity that aims to CATAPULT physically challenged individuals over adversity and into the world of endurance sports and athletics.

Picture courtesy of  Nick de la Torre  

Picture courtesy of Nick de la Torre 

Founded in 2015 by the same creative minds who founded JSCWW, CATAPULT is the direct non-profit para-triathlon brother club of JSCWW that hopes to become the lead organization in the country assisting any individual with a disability via coaching, funding, training, education and most importantly, full open access, to the endurance sports world.  JSC is directly involved with managing and supporting this awesome organization in Houston.  Learn more about CATAPULT here!

Picture courtesy of  Nick de la Torre  

Picture courtesy of Nick de la Torre 

JSC has been directly involved in Run Brookwood since its first year in 2014.  Now heading into its 4th year in 2017, Run Brookwood is one of the only cross country style races in the Houston metropolitan area.  However, this is not what makes Run Brookwood so special.  The race is not about the runners, but instead about the Brookwood Community and the amazing citizens of Brookwood!  

The Brookwood Community is a non-profit that provides meaning, purpose and living accommodations to adults with disabilities in Brookshire Texas (About 30 mins outside of Houston).  In addition to 100% of the proceeds raised during this race going back to Brookwood and their programs, the amazing residents of Brookwood also take part in the day running a 5k race of their own!  

For anyone who has had a chance to run this race they can tell you what a special day it truly is.  Learn more about Brookwood and the 2017 Run Brookwood at the race specific site here!  

The Tri for Tourette campaign was started by one of JSC's own members Michael Conway in 2013 and JSC has supported the mission ever since.  

Founded by Michael before Tri for Tourette was Camp du Balloon Rogue (Camp dBR) which is an annual weekend long camp that hosts children with a primary diagnosis of Tourette's Syndrome between the ages of 6 and 18.  

Camp dBR provides a unique experience of hope and acceptance to enrich the lives of children diagnosed with TS.  JSCWW supports Michael and his mission by helping to fundraise and provide the camp with many of its female and male counselors.  

Learn more about dBR and Tri for Tourette here or follow the organization and their mission on Facebook here!  

Please contact us today if you are INTERESTED in assisting with any of these causes