"mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together"

JSC and SBS put substantial emphasis on teamwork, support and having a good time.  Life is short - work had and play hard!  That is the mindset of the members of JSC and SBS!  

One of our proudest events is our Catapult Corner at Ironman Texas!  This tailgate incorporates all of our C's - but most importantly it proudly displays our Camaraderie more than anything else.  From sunrise until the final athlete crosses the finish line, JSC and SBS can be found on the run course - cheering, supporting, partying and having a blast supporting not only their fellow JSC, CATAPULT and SBS teammates - but also everyone else on the race course that day!  

P  hotography provided by  Ray 'Trey' Currid

Photography provided by Ray 'Trey' Currid

Ironman Texas Tailgate and Catapult Corner - Signature JSCWW Annual Event

Join us every May (now April) for Ironman Texas - each year we own the run course at our cheering section located directly behind the swim exit!  We get there early, and we stay until the end.  Karbach is a proud supporter of this amazing tailgate party and we are thrilled they continue to support JSC and this event with their delicious libations!  Be prepared for a long fun hot day, drink plenty of water, wear your sunscreen and get ready to be more tired the next from watching an Ironman than actually racing it!  

Photography provided by  Ray 'Trey' Currid

Photography provided by Ray 'Trey' Currid